Social Studies standards will be integrated into all subject areas in 5th grade this year. We will have the opportunity to work closely with these standards as we enter our nonfiction units of study in Reading class. The students will have two Social Studies activities going on consistently all year- Time for Kids articles (due every Thursday) and Research Questions (due on the last Tuesday of each month).

Resources for Research Questions (Click on the blue Question text for a personalized blendspace!):


Question #1 - How did the physical environment impact the early settlers of the New World?

Question #2 - What are positive and negative effects of human activity on the physical environment of the United States, past and present?

Question #3 Question #3 also! - How has technology influenced people's abilities to overcome geographical limitations? (Communication,transportation and agriculture)

Question #4 - Why did people migrate within the United States and immigrate to the United States?


Question #5 - How does international trade strengthen our economy?

Question #6 - What is division of labor and specialization, and how do they impact the economic growth of the United States?

Question #7 -Why is it important to develop a basic budget for spending, borrowing, and saving money? (bills, loans, savings account)


Question #8 -How did European exploration change culture and everyday life of American Indian groups?

Question #9 -How do different cultures influence each other in the United States? (traditions and technology)

Question #10 -Choose a cultural narrative and explain how it reflects the lifestyles, beliefs, and struggles of an ethnic group. (songs, ballads, folk tales, legends, etc.)

Example of a Research Question response:

Question: How have the contributions of the "Founding Fathers" contributed to the development of our country?

The Founding Fathers of our country influenced the events that led to the American Revolution and the creation of the United States of America. For example, the founding fathers collaborated together to write the Declaration of Independence. According to Social Studies Alive, a committee led by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams was given the task of writing the Declaration of Independence. This document declared to King George that the colonists wanted to be free of British Rule. Another example of how these men developed our country is by their leadership during the American Revolution. According to, George Washington was the Commander of the Continental Army and led his troops in the Battle of Yorktown. After this battle, General Cornwallis surrendered to the Patriots. This event then led to our freedom from England.