Word Study is our spelling program for 5th grade this year. Every Monday students will receive their word list for that week. Students are responsible for completing the word sorts on this homework schedule each night in their (orange) word study notebook. This means that there is spelling/word study homework Monday-Thursday! Students will take their spelling test on this list of words each Friday.

Word study notebooks can stay at home most of the time. Students can leave these at home so that they're able to write their sorts in them each night. Every other week, students will be required to bring their word study notebook into school to be checked.

Word lists will be kept in a labeled baggie each week. These baggies can go home on Monday so that students can complete their sorts/study. Word list baggies need to be returned to school on Friday so that we can put their new word list in them for the next week!

The students' current spelling list will also be written in their agenda on the far right side under the section titled, "Words of the Week!"