2014 -2015
5th Writing Units
Aug - Sept
U1 Narrative
Oct 1 - 15
U2 Lens of History Research Reports
Mid Oct – Mid Nov
Mid Nov – Dec
U3 Research-Based Argumentative Essays
U4 Literary and Comparative Essays
U5 Shaping Text from Narrative and Essay to Memoir
U6 Authoring an Independent Writing Life
U7 Poetry
Reader’s Theater

Structure of Writer's Workshop
1. Mini-lesson – 10 min
2. Silent Writing/Teacher Conferencing with Partnerships - 40 min - Mid Workshop Teaching Point
3. Partnerships Meet to Share and Support - 10 min

•Paired Conferring
•Independent Writing
•Writing in Community – writing with others and sharing
•Writer’s Notebook

Will not be often, mostly research based.

Writing Portfolio

Your student will be collecting their writing in a writer's notebook. We use these notebooks in class every day. All of their work is contained in this notebook, except for end of unit work. End of unit work will be "published" and kept outside of their writer's notebook. This end of unit work will go in their writing portfolio, which will be a collection of all their "published" work. This portfolio will come home at the end of the year. You may at any time ask your student to bring writing work home to view their progress. Please feel free to do this.